Fictional Works

I am the authoress of an as-of-yet unpublished YA fantasy trilogy. Until I can strike the “as-of-yet un” part of that, here are some teasers to (hopefully) catch your fancy.

Men & Dragons, the first installment, is a work heavily inspired by the likes of C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, J.R.R. Tolkien, and other writers whose greatness will never be equaled by anyone (much less by me). It features a Eustace Scrubb-esque protagonist, along with a fairy, a pegasus, man-eating eels, a murderous villain, and a pinch of mystery.

Here’s a blurb:

Dragons have disappeared from the Valley of Tregeare and no one knows why. The reason is as great a mystery to Faro as to any man, and he has reason to resent it… Faro is not a man. He is a dragon.
When Faro defies every rule that his mountain-dwelling brethren live by and ventures as far as a valley village, he sets a disastrous course of events into motion. With nowhere else to turn, he accepts the offer of a mysterious water spirit to help him. Once he learns that her definition of help entails turning him into a human boy, it’s too late to change his mind.
Now Faro must find a way to survive in a strange new world, and save his old one from the threats his own actions have unleashed. He must learn to trust, to love, and to forgive. Only then will he find the keys to unlocking his past, his present, and his future.

And a map of the world:



If that doesn’t sound interesting, then you definitely won’t want to hear about the follow-up volumes, Seas & Ladies (featuring an exotic island locale, slave traders, a mad scientist, and a little bit of looove) and Ashes & Snowdrops (the one with an epidemic, death, a quirky wizard, and more death, but also hope).

Still yawning? Well, just stay tuned. My imaginative gears are always in motion, and one of these days they’re bound to produce something worthwhile.