What I Did On My Summer Vacation (By Lizzy Kipps)

It was more of a stay-cation sort of thing, actually. And I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot.

This about sums it up:

-Got my eyes checked out and ordered new spectacles. With luck, I will be looking like a 1940’s-era librarian very soon.


-Story revisions. And more story revisions. And yet more story revisions… This is what occupied about 75% of my time. Is it any wonder I’ve had no appetite for blogging?

-Tried to learn to pick on the ukelele. Made a video of it, to prove to the world (and possibly myself) that I’m OK with looking silly in front of people.

-Rediscovered an opera (?) called The Dark Forest. (It might not be an opera. I don’t know music anything, as the above video clearly illustrates). Spent rest of week singing, “Caaaaan you hear myyy heeeaaaart, caaaaan you feel myyy loooove / Iiii will beee with you, eeeven if I am goooone”.

-Gave the cat a bath. Fortunately, Zilla is a very good cat, who forgives and forgets quickly.


-Read a wonderful collection of short stories, Tales From The Palace Of The Fairy King, by Daniel Z. Lieberman. Anyone who enjoys a good fairy tale (especially those in the style of George MacDonald) should definitely check this one out.

-Met a toad. At the ballpark, no less. We watched him eat his weight in junebugs.

Just stay off the roads, Toady.

-Made a fool of myself with a baseball bat. Had fun doing it. No, there aren’t any pictures. I know I said I’m trying to be cool with looking silly in front of people, but a woman has her limits.

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