Book Reviews for April

My writing plans for this afternoon did not include blogging. Since I’m supposed to be editing one of my fictional projects instead, I hope you’ll forgive me for bypassing the usual introductory fluff and simply saying: Here are some books I read in April. And here is what I thought of them. 1. Clouds ofContinue reading “Book Reviews for April”

Book Reviews For February

I had hoped to write something brilliant and original today, but this March weather thwarted my plans. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when violent wind keeps blowing your window open, and it’s hard to think clearly when you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, and it’s hard to write brilliant and originalsContinue reading “Book Reviews For February”

Recommended Reads: The 7 Best of 2017

Apparently this is my first post in almost two months. Coughs. So you see why I advertise myself as a “sporadic blogger”, among other things. I would promise to do better in 2018, but we all know there’s a better than decent chance you’re not going to see me again until around Valentine’s. Since lookingContinue reading “Recommended Reads: The 7 Best of 2017”