Dimidium facti est cœpisse

If you’ll excuse me, I need to ascertain the whereabouts of some over-sized ceremonial scissors.

Hello and welcome to the humble debut of Liz Loves…

Here’s a brief longer-than-I-thought-it-would-be recap of the history that’s led to the creation of this site. In November of 2009, I started a blog called The Fair Base Ballist, to share with the world (or rather, with a very few people, most of whom were either family members of close friends kind enough to pay attention) my scribblings about our national past-time. Later, in May of 2011, I began a second blog, Nutella Enchanted, devoted to all things edible. Both sites were great fun to manage. In the autumn of 2012, however, I decided to give serious energy to writing a work of fiction, and it became increasingly difficult to maintain any other ventures. Acquiring a day job didn’t help, either. In short, both time and energy were not to be had, and both my blogs have remained almost untouched for about a year.

Liz Loves... is the result of a decision to combine my other two sites in one convenient location, while adding a few more subjects, which will hopefully resurrect my blogging life. I plan to continue to pursue other projects at the same time, which may or may not add to my overall mental instability. I just found this amazing anti-stress kit to help out, though, so things are looking good:

anti-stress kit

I’m not entirely sure how this thing is going to shape up, but I expect it will consist of a melange* of randomness and ponderings. There will be foodie/recipe posts, like from Nutella Enchanted. There will be some friendly-neighborhood baseball musings, like from The FBB (maybe even some baby sloth sightings). I’ll likely throw in some more serious stuff, and some decidedly unserious stuff. Odds are, there’ll be lots of jokes nobody gets, geekery, made up words, and acknowledged plagiarism.

I welcome anyone with sufficient fortitude to hop on in and join the ride. I’m not sure where we’re going yet, but figuring it out is half the fun.

*And here is your underused vocabulary word-of-the-day.
Mé·lange [mey-lahnzh, -lahnj] noun
A mixture; medley.

Dimidium facti est cœpiss: To begin is half the work.




2 thoughts on “Dimidium facti est cœpisse

  1. I like it already! 🙂 I thought of you just yesterday, when I was looking at a book with Gracie, and there was a sloth!


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