Why Am I Doing This?: Goals for my Forthcoming Book-baby

The aim of this post is to attempt to set forth to you, the public, my reasons for pursuing the publication of my first book. Before I tell you what goals I have, however, I think it best to strike up a list of what goals I don’t have. Somehow, those un-goals feel at least as relevant. So, what aren’t they?

Number one: I am not in pursuit of a vast audience.
Tens or hundreds of thousands of people are probably not going to be reading All The Queen’s Sons. I mean, it might be nice if they did, but it’s an unrealistic expectation. Attaining such an impressive feat is not my reason for writing, neither is it my reason for publishing.

Number two: I am not seeking any pecuniary gains
This goes hand in hand with un-goal number one. My ultimate dream is not to end up on the New York Times bestsellers list and make all kinds of money. Which is a good thing, because such a dream would be 99.8% likely to end in disappointment. A lot of money does go into self-publishing a book… I don’t expect even to make back what I put in, but if I did, I’d consider the venture an unprecedented success.

Number three: I do not hope to reap any personal recognition or acclaim
No one becomes a writer because they’re hoping to become a household name someday. This isn’t about me. It is about you, my readers. It is about the stories. And, most importantly, it is about the Giver of the stories.

So, the question remains. Why AM I doing this? Why put the blood, sweat, and tears (not to mention the cash) into writing and publishing, if not to reap something in return?
There are, in fact, several things I hope to achieve with this endeavor. They are as follows.

First, the right audience.
I would rather ten people read my book and have it mean something to them than a thousand people read it and just be like, “Meh.”
I want some random person to stumble upon it and be pleasantly surprised.
I want it to find its way into the hands of my kindred spirits, who might enjoy and appreciate it, for whatever it might be worth.

Second, the payback.
A lot of people have helped and encouraged me along the way in my journey as a writer. Bringing a project like this to its final end feels like the best possible way to express my gratitude.

Third, returning glory to my own personal author.
God made me a story-teller. The proper thing to do with such a gift is to use it. To do my utmost. Not to hide it under a bushel-basket. So this is my way of attempting to let shine the little light I’ve been given, in hopes that it will direct people to the ultimate source of all light and goodness. All I’ve been given is from Him… so let all I do be for Him.

Those are my ultimate goals. My reasons for putting this story out there. A massive thanks to everyone who has been brave enough to want to hop along on this crazy ride with me. It might be bumpy, but I think we’re going to have some fun.

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