Why Am I Doing This?: Goals for my Forthcoming Book-baby

The aim of this post is to attempt to set forth to you, the public, my reasons for pursuing the publication of my first book. Before I tell you what goals I have, however, I think it best to strike up a list of what goals I don’t have. Somehow, those un-goals feel at leastContinue reading “Why Am I Doing This?: Goals for my Forthcoming Book-baby”

Cabin Fever? Practical Suggestions for how to Wile Away Your Quarantine

Sing. Whether you’re alone, or with family, what better way to trim the tension than with some good old fashioned karaoke sessions? Dance. Sometimes singing isn’t enough. You’ve gotta kick off your Sunday shoes and cut footloose, too. Laugh. Watch some Muppets. Or old Carol Burnett sketches. Or whatever other brand of silliness floats yourContinue reading “Cabin Fever? Practical Suggestions for how to Wile Away Your Quarantine”

21 Screen-Free Activities For Wiser Living

A couple weeks back, I was inspired to write about the relation between wisdom and how we choose to spend our time. Wasted time rarely, if ever, makes us any wiser, or our lives any more vibrant. So today, I want to follow that post up with a list of actual practical ways we canContinue reading “21 Screen-Free Activities For Wiser Living”