Why Am I Doing This?: Goals for my Forthcoming Book-baby

The aim of this post is to attempt to set forth to you, the public, my reasons for pursuing the publication of my first book. Before I tell you what goals I have, however, I think it best to strike up a list of what goals I don’t have. Somehow, those un-goals feel at leastContinue reading “Why Am I Doing This?: Goals for my Forthcoming Book-baby”

Happy Birthday (To A Book Baby)

When I woke up on September 3rd, 2012, a strange and life-altering thing happened. The previous night, a fanciful image had played through my pillow-cushioned head. This was not unusual. My imagination often helps lull me to sleep with such fancies. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, they fade out as soon as I do,Continue reading “Happy Birthday (To A Book Baby)”

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

“Then letters came in but three times a week: indeed, in some places in Scotland where I have stayed when I was a girl, the post came in but once a month;—but letters were letters then; and we made great prizes of them, and read them and studied them like books. Now the post comesContinue reading “The Lost Art of Letter Writing”

What I Write: Part Two

“Above all, I delight in listening to stories, and sometimes in telling them” George MacDonald In the last post I wrote about my influences (which are as numerous as they are varied). Today my aim is to cover the actual substance of the stories I put on the page. What are they about? Who areContinue reading “What I Write: Part Two”

What I Write: An Introduction

I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say. -Flannery O’Connor Happy Monday, everyone! Today I’ll be continuing in the introductory theme I began in the previous post (feel free to press pause for a sec and go check that one out, if you haven’t already.) Now the worldContinue reading “What I Write: An Introduction”